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Mangoes taste funny in my panties;

stoned I am not!

Mango: Where the Losers live!
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to where_ismymango. Yes, it's another loser rating community; we just want to know if you are unfit or fit to join our ranks. Our main existence is to collect strange and ordinary people alike and to make friends and run this empire like it was really meant to. I know I sound like a dictator. We judge solely on personality, never on appearance. If we ever did, we'd have to wet our pants, literally. We will most 75 percently accept you, unless you treat us beautiful modleys with disrespect - then your ass is outta here and banned and we never have to put up with you ever again. To explain the mango......well it was just a random thing and it stuck, hehehehe. If we offend you, we're sorry in advance. We just like being who we are without being told what to do. But complain to someone who actually caresm, not the mangoes. They're for comsumption and sacrificial offerings to the mango gods only.

We are offering 30 23 auto-accepts, and then we get this community started. Auto acceptants still must fill out the application so that us hare-brained mods and other members get to know you and yor personality. It's just a slight formality, no biggie.

Rules for...: ♠

Applicants: ♠

These rules apply throughout for everyone.
1.] Read the rules, please. We accept no drama.

2.] In the LJ cut, put however you want your mangoes, or I will charge a subfee. AND anything with a picture or longer then 3 paragraphs goes behind an LJ cut.

3.] DO NOT in any way change the application.

4.] Fill out the application to the best of your knowledge, but everything must be filled in.

5.] You'll most likely get accepted. We love just about everyone, so don't fret.

6.] In the subject line, put "I eat my mangoes; how about you?".

7.] In the Faves where it says "fruit," put "Mangoes are teh squeeze" so us dumbass blondes know you read the rules.

8.] Type grammatically correct; I'll take off points if you don't.

9.] Don't curse out anyone, it's no nice and polite. We just want to promote love.

10.] Please post the application within 3 days of joining. It's only easier for us modleys to be positive if you are here for real. Thanks.

11.] Just have fun; that's what this community was built on, that and randomness.

Members: ♠

These rules apply throughout for everyone.
1.] Update periodically - or I'll suspend you if you are inactive for a month.

2.] Creativeness - randomness - uniqueness - that's what we promote, pass the word on.

3.] Promote please.

4.] Don't diss people. Don't like it? Then leave. We'll erect a memorial in your absence.

5.] All people are welcome. We don't discriminate against anyone.

6.] You must refarin from all chatspeak, please. I am literate and like to comprehend what I am reading.

7.] You can post anything your little bitty hearts desire!

8.] Curse all you want, just don't offend anyone or hypnotize me!

Remember, the other mods and myself can only make the community. It's you the members that make this community what it will be. Just post and we'll go from there. And besides, this might be the best way to make friends! SO I declare my mango community as a LOSER AND ADDING FRIENDS COMMUNITY. Would only naturally make sense, don't you think?

Application: ♠

Promo Banners: ♠

Stamps: ♠

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Laser Eye
Sanford Lasik