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I eat my mangoes; how about you?

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To get to know you.
Name: Brooke

Age: 15

Location: USA. More specifically, Pennsylvania

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Straight

Political Party: Democrat

The fun stuff.
5 bands: Panic! at the Disco, Stiffs Inc, Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack, and the Horrorpops

5 movies: Donnie Darko, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chicago, Amelie, and O Brother Where Art Thou?

3 TV programs: The Office, Best Week Ever, and Project Runway

website: Xanga, myspace, and livejournal

periodical (most people don't read): I’ll read anything I can get my hands on. But when i feel the need to try to satisfy my unquenchable need for news, i read newsweek.

type of writing utensil: any type of pen.

card game/board game: Asshole is pretty much the best card game ever.

childhood toy/game: I had a stuffed penguin named Elvira (named after a character from the play Blithe Spirit). She had to have surgery. It was a pretty traumatic event.

word and definition: alack- an interjection used to express sorrow, regret, or alarm

label for yourself: well, i was called a dirty loser gothic freak once, which pretty much sums me up, though i’d rather refer to myself as an emo-geek-rocker-punk-loser-weirdo.

food: a peanut butter ice cream sundae without a cherry or whipped cream

drink: strawberry passion awareness fruitopia

item of clothing: my converse sneakers that i decorated

time of day: 11:11 p.m.

season: fall.

color: any neon color

animal: cats

fruit: Mangoes are teh squeeze

The kinda important crap.
How did you find where_ismymango? I saw it being promoted on various quiz communities, and it intrigued me.

What makes you a loser mango? Ah, where should I start? I’m so lame that I’m awesomely lame, I wrote a manual on elbow sex, I once was unable to recognize an orange (it honestly looked yellow), I enjoy ‘decorating’ clothing, I tried to start my own country, and I’ve started my own dictionary.

Why do you want to join where_ismymango? because i want to meet cool new people like myself.

Where is my mango? Did you seriously lose it again?

Where did you put your mango? I hid it under my bed.

(You will not be judged on these, but one word answers will not be accepted. We just want a sense of who you are.)

Vegatarianism: I support people who do so. However, I’m a meat eater because I’m a pretty picky eater, and I wouldn’t be able to survive. Tofu hot dogs are pretty good, but that tofu lunch meat is pretty horrible.

Government/politics: Ah, well, I’m a strong democrat, and I think our government pretty much sucks.

Religion: To each his own. I hate people that are so closeminded about their religion and constantly try to convert you to their religion.

Fashion: I think fashion is pretty cool. However, trends are pretty horrible. People wear things just to be cool, not knowing that being completely uncool is where all the fun lies.

Labels/stereotyping: I wrote an article for the newspaper about this. Stereotyping is predominant among people these days. I think it has become prevalent nowadays because we live in a world where we are constantly rushing, and to judge someone within the first few seconds of meeting them saves you the time of actually getting to know them ///shudders///

The president: I really shouldn’t get started on him. He led us into a war that was over oil. And he can barely read. That bothers me.

Abortion: I’m pro-choice. It should be a woman’s decision, and her’s only.

Pick an issue that you feel strongly and tell us yor view:
I’m a pacifist. I’m against all wars and violence. Violence solves nothing. You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake.

Take a quiz and post the results here:
Your beauty lies in your soul.</b>
There are so many unlike you in this world. You're
like a very rare diamond. No, diamonds can't
shine as much your soul.

Your motive:
To help others in need and maintain happiness
withen others around you.

Your quote:
If you fall either I fall with you or I'll catch
you pull you back up.

Your colors:
Silver and Gold

Your song:
Wings of a Butterfly - HIM
"Come on and show them your love. Rip out the
wings of a butterfly."

Please rate and message.

Where do You Find Your Beauty? (Gorgeous Pictures and Touching Results)
brought to you by Quizilla

Put the word that first comes to your mind.
1.] mango: yummy-delicious
2.] sex: elbows
3.] color: neon
4.] pencil: mechanical
5.] television: kill
6.] dishwasher: sink
7.] bush: dick
8.] postcard: stamp
9.] food: nutrition
10.] Mexico: sombrero
11.] Big Bird: yellow
12.] princess: pretty
13.] dinosaur: rawr
14.] tree: leaves
15.] bumble bee: sting

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to your mind.
I promise to live to the fullest extent of my mango abilities.
I eat my mangoes and savor their deliciousness.
Mangoes make me wanna write sonnets.
I ♥ argyle.
Monkeys and bananas and mangoes and mixtapes sounds like a good time.

Write a story/poem with these words: spoon, mango, Big Bird, President Bush, sponge, transvestite tiger. Bold your writing so we can see it.

Big Bird laid on the huge pink sponge that he had received from a secret admirer. He was finally coming to terms with who he really was. He finally realized that he was in love with the transvestite tiger that had just moved to Sesame Street. “But they’ll never accept me!” he sobbed. He picked up his spoon and slowly began to eat his mango. Suddenly, in a flash of glitter and sparkles, a man appeared. “I condemn you! You are evil! You’re not allowed to be in love with that filthy creature! I have direct orders from President Bush to stop this at once! You will corrupt the sanctity of marriage!” Big Bird grabbed his cell phone and called the transvestite tiger, who came and mauled the messenger to death.

Find a picture of your mango. Post it here.

Post 1 of each:

a shoe Image hosted by Photobucket.comyeah, i made those.

a funny comic

a weird, random thing

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2 pics of you
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1 150x200 pics of you for the member's page:

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Any last comments? ♠ nope.
We are new at this and need your feedback. Anything useful can help us improve your time here at where_ismymango and the community.

How is the layout? pretty awesome

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