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"I eat my mangoes; how about you?"

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To get to know you.
Name: Lin-z

Age: 15

Location: NY


Sexual orientation: dont realleh know. im still tryin to figure out myself...

Political Party: Green Partayyy

The fun stuff.
5 bands: The Killers, Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, The Rolling Stones, and Spice Girls!!!

5 movies: Anger Management, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Blazing Saddels, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.

3 TV programs: Andy Milanokis, Best Week Ever, Viva La Bam

website: its my site lol

periodical (most people don't read): what?

type of writing utensil:fuzzy pen

card game/board game:Sorry! im a total sorry fan

childhood toy/game:toy truck

word and definition: impinge: (verb) to encroach upon, touch, or affect.

label for yourself: myself. i hate labels

food: Filet Mignon

drink: Vanilla Coke

item of clothing: skirt

time of day: night




fruit:Mangoes are teh squeeze

The kinda important crap.
How did you find where_ismymango? a banner thing on quizilla's lj group

What makes you a loser mango? im too unique for my own good

Why do you want to join where_ismymango? to have fun and meet cool ppls

Where is my mango? in my pants

Where did you put your mango? in my tummy!

(You will not be judged on these, but one word answers will not be accepted. We just want a sense of who you are.)

Vegatarianism: good for them, but i like meat. but it is great they are able to not eat meat.

Government/politics: democrats and republicans should just hug.

Religion: im a christian, but im open to others

Fashion: be unique, thats all i can say

Labels/stereotyping: i despise it. it gives ppls the wrong idea

The president: hes had a few too many puffs

Abortion: im pro choice but anti abortion.

Pick an issue that you feel strongly and tell us yor view: that stupid shit going on in france. it went on for like 2 weeks before the government CONSIDERD setting up a curfew and ugh why cant everyone just get along?

Take a quiz and post the results here:
Put the word that first comes to your mind.
1.] mango: pie
2.] sex:yes
3.] color:purple
4.] pencil:pen
5.] television:tube
6.] dishwasher:liquid
7.] bush:pussy(sry but its true)
8.] postcard:mailman
9.] food:pie
10.] Mexico:cornrows
11.] Big Bird:yellow
12.] princess:disney
13.] dinosaur:teeth
14.] tree:stump
15.] bumble bee:spelling bee

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to your mind.
I promise to pee.
I eat my mangoes hard.
Mangoes make me horney.
I ♥ Mangoes.
Monkeys and bananas and mangoes and cheese.

Write a story/poem with these words: spoon, mango, Big Bird, President Bush, sponge, transvestite tiger. Bold your writing so we can see it. Once upon a time there was a spoon. This spoon liked to eat mangoes, but didn't know where to find any. So he went to Big Bird. Big Bird said to find President Bush, for chances are whever he's on vacation, there would be mangoes. The spoon found our President in the middle of a sponge bath. The president sent him on the streets, where he found a tranvestite tiger selling mangoes. The spoon bought many many mangoes and lived happily ever after.

Find a picture of your mango. Post it here. i have no mango picture sry.

Post 1 of each:

a shoe

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a funny comic:none sry

a weird, random thing

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2 pics of you

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1 150x200 pics of you for the member's page:
i have none of that size im not skilled like that

Any last comments?I like cheese. A lot.
We are new at this and need your feedback. Anything useful can help us improve your time here at where_ismymango and the community.

How is the layout? I think its great for a new community.
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