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"I eat my mangoes; how about you?"

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To get to know you.
Hannah, but sometimes I'm called Gerry, Palindrome, or even "That Crazy Lezzie Girl"
MO, in the US of A
Sexual orientation:
Bisexuals do it better!
Political Party:
Democratttttttt. I mean, who ever heard "wow, what a great piece of elephant"?

The fun stuff.
5 bands:
Blink-182, Spice Girls, Blonde Redhead, Vanilla Ninja, and... Do musical casts count?
5 movies:
Shakespeare in Love, Titanic, Wedding Crashers, RENT, Moulin Rouge
3 TV programs:
Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City
Livejournal. Duh. I'm an addict.
periodical (most people don't read):
Cosmo and Glamour
type of writing utensil:
A pen. One of the kinds with the feathers on the top and a something that lights up when you write.
card game/board game:
Make-Your-Own-Monopoly. You can make it as innuendo-y as you want, and then WIN!
childhood toy/game:
Make-believe. Oh yes. Hell, I STILL have imaginary friends.
word and definition:
licious - a suffix meaning tasty or a pleasure to the mouth
label for yourself:
Bohemian / dramadork / geek / liberal / sometimes-prep-sometimes-goth-sometimes-punk. Yea. I'm cool like that.
Kung Pao Chicken Spaghetti
Cranapple juice with Sprite mixed in
item of clothing:
Hmm... Cute bellbottoms.
time of day:
Evening or night. I'm NOT a morning person.
Autumn. Its crisp and cool and it rains. I like rain. It's really fun to dance in. And sing in. And just be in in general.
Scarlet. Crimson. Red. However you'd like to say it. The colour of passion. It's an intense colour too. w00t.
Panthers, lovebirds, or dolphins.
Mangoes are teh squeeze.

The kinda important crap.
How did you find where_ismymango?
Our dear head moddess, amaranthine1987
What makes you a loser mango?
I'm tasty.
What do you want to join where_ismymango?
Because it's the coolest rating community ever.
Where is my mango?
Your face.
Where did you put your mango?
I stuffed my bra with it.

(You will not be judged on these, but one word answers will not be accepted. We just want a sense of who you are.)

*Shrugs* It's someone's choice. If they don't wanna eat meat, let them not eat meat. Personally, I'm a meat-eater. OMG LYKE WATCH OUT B4 I 3AT U.
It's importnant. I mean, SOMETHING has to keep us all from pulling a Lord of the Flies, non?
*Shrugs again* Like vegatarianism, it's a person's choice as to what religion they choose. The church and state, SHOULD be seperate though, no doubt about that.
Another choice. Personally, I have my own style; I tend to be a tad Bohemian, but sometimes I'll morph. ( Morph is a pretty cool word... It's up there with "licious." ) But anyway, I don't pay attention to fashion trends, I'd rather be my own loser-mango-self, thanks.
They exist. The sad part is, they're kind of true. Not all aspects, of course, but parts are. I think people are scared of being their own self individually, so they group together with others that're like them so that they're not alone. Which would be why I don't have just one label down for the "label yourself" thingy.
The president:
I'm physically 14, I'm mentally an adult. He's physically an adult, and mentally a mango. No wait, mangoes are smarter than him.
I support it. It's a woman's choice. It's HER body. HER constitutional right ( amendment 9, I think: rights not specified, one of which is a right to one's own body )
Pick an issue that you feel strongly and tell us yor view:
Same-Sex Marriage. As I said on a government assignment at the beginning of the school year... The topic of gay rights does have an impact on me - while I'm not homosexual myself, I do have several friends who are, and, please don't roll your eyes at this next part, I'm a hopeless romantic. I believe there's someone out there for all of us, every there are some major differences between loves (race, social status, etc.)... Or similarities (gender). Being the major hopeless romantic I am, I support all types of relationships, and the ones that are an issue, I develop an opinion on. My opinion on gay rights is this: Gays deserve the right to get married, just like any other person. What should gender matter if two people really love each other? True love, while it's not the cliché that fairy tales and chick flicks have made it out to be, is still a real thing, and its peace and hapiness should be availible to everyone via marriage ceremony (if the couple so chooses). There's also the fact that even hetrosexual people marry wrongfully... It's called a divorce. What if gays could marry rightfully, and not need a divorce? And the whole "it's against religion" thing? Lust is a sin, and I'm sure non-gays experience a lot of it on their wedding night. Gluttony is a sin, too, but look at how many fat Americans there are out there: nearly 65% of America is obese. Also, there's the fact that, even if gay marriages weren't legalised, that wouldn't stop two people of the same gender from loving each other, much less being together. They could still wear rings on their ring fingers, and still have relationships. So there.

Take a quiz and post the results here:
Put the word that first comes to your mind.
1.] mango: tangerine
2.] sex: my imaginary friends. They're sexually active.
3.] color: Hair dyed rainbow!
4.] pencil: Number 2, yellow, non-rainforest-wood pencil
5.] television: Gilmore Girls / Desperate Housewives
6.] dishwasher: The dishwasher upstairs in the kitchen. I wonder whether or not it needs to be emptied...
7.] bush: This guy who had a shirt... There was a picture of a girl about to take her bikini bottoms off and it said "good bush" and then had a picture of Bush and said "bad bush." I love that shirt.
8.] postcard: When I send a text message on my phone, it shows an envelope with a stamp being sent away...
9.] food: Restaurants. California Pizza Kitchen, Chevy's, Q's ( a Chinese restaurant )... Yum yum.
10.] Mexico: Chevy's!
11.] Big Bird: A really big hand flipping someone off. And this Seasame Street bedtime stories book I have.
12.] princess: An episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy when Carson found a tutu and was spinning around saying "I'm a pretty pretty princess!"
13.] dinosaur: RAWR!
14.] tree: Arbor Day.
15.] bumble bee: Dumbledore!

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to your mind.
I promise to be a good little co-moddess.
I eat my mangoes suggestively.
Mangoes make me horny.
I ♥ NY.
Monkeys and bananas and mangoes and your mom.

Write a story/poem with these words: spoon, mango, Big Bird, President Bush, sponge, transvestite tiger. Bold your writing so we can see it.
Once there was a spoon
Who then turned into a goon
He ate a mango
And decided to tango
His partner was Big Bird
And as I'm sure you've heard
So did President Bush
Well... He tried and fell on his tush
So he took a sponge
And was like "WHOA I'M GRUNGE"
So he just got higher.

Find a picture of your mango. Post it here.

Post 3 pictures of:

a shoe

a funny comic

( I thought this one alone was worth three... Is that okay? )

a weird, random thing

2 pics of you

I'm the one in the center. My hair is straight for once. That took about two hours to do. And yes, I am a vampire.

Because I'm SOOOO gangsta f0 sh0.

Any last comments?
We are new at this and need your feedback. Anything useful can help us improve your time here at where_ismymango and the community.

How is the layout? Very sexy.
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ps...the 2 hours were worth it. I can get mine straight in under an hour with my awesomeness flat iron!